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What To Do With Those Famous Social Media

This tips suits very well if you are a teacher, or lecturer or in similar profession line.

Nowadays internet is different from five years ago. You name it - facebook, twitter, blog, your known Internet seems not just internet anymore, and you may left behind with the trend slightly just after making your short nap in the evening. Youngster may adapt with all of those so called 'social media', but aging ones may just do so so (barely on the surface) unless the internet is their job (webmaster etc). Hence, should I say from my perspective, internet (with social media) is not just there to feed you anymore, it is now much open, inviting you to not just read but contribute as well like giving comments, rate, suggest what the content you like and even more, requesting you to put on your original content for everyone to digest. So in short, this is the tips for you, to better know your internet, now enhanced with social media.

1. Blog (blogspot,, tumblr)

2. Twitter (twitter, foursquare)

3. Facebook (facebook, google+, linkedin, meetup, stumbleupon)

4. Wiki (wikipedia, wikileaks, britannica)

5. Msn (Msn, yahoo, googlepage, daylife, newspapers site)

Hope this will make you realize that internet is a more fun place, well everybody needs entertainment, but in term of usage wise, with social media on board, it can be very effective too. So if you just try some (like blog) but with no success, hope you not quit yet, please continue to do so, it takes times, and if you use all of those social media, the positive results sure follow. Welcome, join us, make the internet much brighter.

PS: Social media by it names suggest that you must socialize (give something - your idea, expertise, suggestion, etc) to gain anything from it without really taking your time.

(credit) Noor Farida