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Access Malaysia TMNet Blocked Sites

In Malaysia, despite the enactment agreed by the government on interet freedom, certain websites already been blocked. Mostly those websites were p*rn*graphic, religion harassment blogs and the newest of all, filesharing and digital obtrusive portal as such PirateBay, Filestube, DuckLoad and so on fort.

This act of censorship and restriction has its own pros and contras. But if you own some files there (you sure want to get those files back), or still want to use those websites as a medium to let say, sharing your own photos or other digital stuff with everybody, with a simple tweak you and your friend still can view them as like before, since all the banned websites are still there:

1. Using Anonymity Softwares or Anonymity Web Channels
The websites like Anonymouse and Tor Project allows you to view those banned websites using their widespread anonymouse webserver. Meaning, instead of now viewing the websites directly from your computer IP, your connection is now first to the anonymous webserver and then second to the banned websites through the anonymouse webserver window.

2. Change Your Internet Protocol Properties to Google DNS or Open DNS
As now you are viewing webs through internet provider DNS, now you have an alternative uncensored DNS as well such as Google DNS and Open DNS. Using any of these will give you 100% access to the internet as these two was build to give an internet freedom for the worldwide user. Follow the steps below on changing your DNS setting:

#1. Go to your bottom right taskbar
#2. Click once on the internet icon
#3. Right click your connected internet, select Status, click on it
#4. General window will appear, under activity select Properties
#5. Networking window will appear, click on Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)
#6. An other General window will appear
#7. Change, untick Open DNS server automatically and tick on Use the following DNS server address:
use either Google DNS
Preferred DNS server: 8. 8. 8. 8.
Alternate DNS server: 8. 8. 4. 4.

or use Open DNS
Preferred DNS server: 208. 67. 222. 222.
Alternate DNS server: 208. 67. 220. 220.
#8. Click OK and you are done.

See the instruction image below (click on it for bigger view):